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How to prepare for entering a university abroad

Preparing to enter university is a troublesome task. It usually begins several years before the child graduates from school. You need to decide on your specialty, educational institution, country of study and budget.

We at BN Education Group are ready to help you with this through our Academic Counselor service. Our team consists of specialists who will support a teenager when entering a foreign higher education institution of any level.

The applicant will be offered a unique test created by us together with psychologists and an American training company. Using the results of this test, we will determine the specialty, educational institution and country of study that is most suitable for the child.

After choosing a university, BN Education specialists will help:

  • – With the development of an admission strategy.
  • – Accompanied throughout the entire application process.
  • – With writing an introductory essay.
  • – In registering for the necessary tests SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL.
  • – With the organization of summer language and career guidance courses abroad (grades 8-10).
  • – In passing an interview and enrolling in a university.
  • – With a scholarship to study at US universities.
  • – With obtaining a visa.
  • – Arranging transfer directly to the university campus.
  • – Accompanied by a student during his actual studies at the university.

Admission to prestigious universities, as a rule, begins a year before the start of studies, and to some TOP universities – even 2-3 years. Applicants can apply to several universities to protect themselves.

Each applicant must meet the university’s entrance requirements, namely:

  • Have high grades at school if the applicant plans to enroll in a bachelor’s degree, or university grades if the student wants to continue his studies at a master’s degree. You also need excellent recommendations from teachers, which can be obtained by demonstrating yourself in class, engaging in self-development and maintaining good relationships with teachers. In addition, prizes, certificates and awards at Olympiads are very important.
  • Know English at a high level. To confirm your knowledge, you must submit one of two main international certificates that are accepted by foreign educational institutions: IELTS Academic (passing score from 6.0) or TOEFL (passing score from 65). Some TOP universities require a TOEFL certificate with a score of at least 100 or an IELTS certificate of at least 7.5 points. The required certificate and passing score are always indicated on the university website.
  • Write a motivation letter (essay) in which you need to tell about yourself and why you chose this particular university and specialty. Some universities require up to 10 essays on various topics from applicants. Don’t be afraid of this, because we, at BN Education, have specialists who will help you compose the most competent essays, showing you as a comprehensively developing, purposeful and motivated person. It is the student’s essay that helps the admissions committee evaluate the applicant’s abilities for analytical, mathematical, abstract thinking and his potential in general.
  • Show as many additional certificates, diplomas or awards (sports or creative) as possible that reveal you as a person and show your life achievements, in addition to academic ones. Foreign universities want to see among their students not just excellent students, but comprehensively developed individuals. Universities highly respect prizes in international sporting competitions and any other achievements of the child.
  • Volunteer, because foreign universities really value guys who know how to not only take, but also give. Participation in charity projects, exhibitions and fairs is also great.

A representative of the university admissions committee may conduct an interview with you, ask you to write an internal test on a core subject or an additional essay. For example, to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in the USA, you will need to pass the SAT exam (passing score from 1400) or ACT (passing score from 25), which is a kind of analogue of the Ukrainian external independent testing. And in order to get into master’s programs in business, finance, economics or related fields, you must provide a certificate of passing the GMAT or GRE exam. To pass these exams, you must understand the specific terminology in English and know their structure. Their successful completion significantly increases the applicant’s chances of both admission and scholarships at US universities. That is why it is necessary to prepare for these exams with special teachers. And we will also be happy to help you in this matter, because in our «Student Training Center» BN Education there are such teachers.

«What is all this for?» you ask. The answer is simple: foreign universities and colleges select as students not just academically successful applicants, but also those who are sufficiently motivated and focused on success in their chosen specialty.

Obtaining scholarships at American universities. How it works?

Many leading American universities provide the most talented and motivated students with the opportunity to receive a scholarship: partial or full. Thanks to a partial scholarship, a student can pay tuition at a large discount, and if he receives a full scholarship, he will be able to cover the cost of his studies in full. Scholarship awards can range from $4,000 to over $30,000 per year depending on the university.

We, as an agency, are interested in our students receiving scholarships at US universities, because for us this is a confirmation of our reputation and an indicator of our successful collaboration with the student. We know everything about how a student can get a scholarship, we love our work and are happy to help our students with all the hassle of entering and studying at a university abroad.

The most important thing in applying is not to be afraid to meet your desires, to try and take risks, turning your dream into a goal. And then you will definitely succeed.

To start preparing for admission to the foreign university of your dreams, call us at +38 095 381 88 88 and sign up for an individual consultation.

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