A closed company that has been successfully working in the field of education abroad since 2012

«Student Training Center » BN Education Group

Specialists of BN Education Group have got an extensive experience in preparing children for admission to foreign schools and universities and decided to systematize this experience in our «Student Preparation Center».

In order to every child enter easier to the school or university of their dreams abroad, it is necessary to set aside a year for preparation. Being at home this year, the child can already begin to receive knowledge from the best teachers in the world.

Our students can become:

• children over 10 years old who plan to enroll in boarding schools and universities abroad;
• people who want to learn any foreign languages, including the rarest ones, with native speakers, online;
• people who want to study individually with the best specialized tutors, and who have the ability to study online.

Our teachers are 500 of the best international teachers – native speakers with Ph.D. degrees. and professors from world-famous universities such as Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University and the best private boarding schools in Europe and the USA. Our teachers know how to prepare a child for any entrance or graduation exams in the British and American education systems.

All our students demonstrate excellent results when entering foreign educational institutions and become excellent students in their studies.

At your request, we will draw up an individual schedule of necessary classes for you, and the Head of the Training Center will monitor your educational progress.

In order to start preparing or studying languages, contact the Head of the «Training Center» — Olga Melnichuk by phone:

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