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Agro Program

Agro Program – Useful Information

In BN Education, we do not only engage in education, we are engaged in the future of the children who work with us. Education for children is a priority for us, but we also think about more global things. We want every child who passes through our system would become an important part of the society and changed his life and country for the better. That is why we are introducing training programs, specialized in certain sectors of our country.

Agro-business takes a leading place in the economy of Ukraine. In order to clearly explain how this sector of our country is developed, we will bring you a few facts about production in 2017:

  1. Ukraine produces as much chicken as enough to feed each resident of South Korea (51.5 million people), and even a little more will remain.
  2. Sunflower oil is the most famous export product of Ukraine. If to collect all the oil that we produced last year, you can fill the world’s 15 largest basins. One such “reservoir” is an area of 8 hectares and a length of 1 km.
  3. Sugar, which is produced in Ukraine, is enough to weld 933000 tons of jam. And you will be amazed, but it all happens when we do not distribute our own force evenly and do not use all of our natural wealth to the maximum. And Primarily, this is due to a lack of proper education and innovative approaches among young professionals. If you still think, that this career path is not as promising as it seemed at first glance, here you have a couple of facts about where you can grow and thrive if you really get the right knowledge:
  4. In Ukraine, most of the world’s black earth regions are concentrated. Our country accounts for more than 20% of arable land in Europe. It’s so much that the area of all Ukrainian black earth regions is equal to the area of Great Britain! And only 40% of the total area is used as efficiently as possible.
  5. Ukraine is the seventh largest exporter of flour in the world. We compete with such countries like France and Canada.


We see the future for our country in this sector and therefore we offer a study program for Ukrainian students in the USA, in the best and most advanced university for this is Louisiana State University. The state of Louisiana is one of the leaders in agribusiness in the United States. In turn, the University of Louisiana is a leader in innovations in this field and can offer an endless field for improvements.

Admission to this university will provide the latest knowledge and test a lot of hands-on activities where students learn to deal with problems in the environment as close as possible to the real world problems.

Also, the advantage of a university in the United States is the opportunity to get 2 specialties at the same time, and in addition, it is important to establish useful contacts for further development of business.

BN Education offers the most effective way to prepare for University of Louisiana. We offer the opportunity to adapt to the American education system through secondary school education.

Proposed by us option at the end of the last 3 years, allows the child to enter the rhythm and adjust to the social life away from home and freely enter the university already having experience of local specifics in communication and learning. In addition to the obvious period of adaptation, secondary school education will allow the child to improve his knowledge of various sciences and English and bring them to the right level to feel comfortable with further education at the university. A lot of attention is paid to the development of leadership skills, training work and teamwork, which is an integral part of the educational process at the university.

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