Brilliant education of the world-class level and a community of outstanding talents on the shore of the “American Venice”


ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN – On Sunday afternoon, June 11, 2017, the flagship of elite education, BN Education Group, took the crème de la crème of Almaty world for an academic brunch in honor of one of the most famous and prestigious US schools North Broward Preparatory School in the presence of an honorary guest of the vice president of the school network Nord Anglia – Kima Eklund.


Introducing the North Broward Preparatory School to the parents of prospective students, the founder of BN Education Group Oksana Chmikhalo described the school as an exceptional social lift for the younger generation and forge of the leaders of the new millennium. This fair statement is based on an impressive list of renowned North Broward graduates, including pop diva Ariana Grande, oligarch Leonid Blavatnik, Oscar winner Michael Moore, inheritor of media tycoon William Bernard Ziff Jr. and other leaders of global businesses.


Over sixty years of successful activity, North Broward Preparatory School has accumulated a wealth of experience in the development, support and motivation of the most promising and talented adolescents of the planet. Educational programs implemented by the North Broward educational center are recognized as the most effective in preparation for the entrance examinations to privileged universities.


Absolute indices of school mentees on tests in mathematics, biology, physics, economics and world history cause pride of eminent family dynasties and the best teaching staff.


Moreover, North Broward Preparatory School is a member of the Florida Sports Association of High Schools (FHSAA). North Broward regularly reports on high achievements of golfers, tennis players, swimmers, fencers, football and hockey teams in the regional and national press.


Unhindered opportunities for realization of children’s desires and the disclosure of intellectual, physical and leadership potential – is the main priority of the North Broward Preparatory School. In-depth enlightenment takes place in a special inspiring atmosphere of the cozy and picturesque Coconut Creek. Here, in the world capital of butterflies, near the legendary resort of Fort Lauderdale, there are educational buildings, four swimming pools, football fields, tennis courts, stadiums, multimedia libraries, scientific laboratories and North Broward Preparatory Schools. Such an excellent infrastructure positively influences young people who not only become welcoming students of the most status-based universities in North America, but also come to life as innovators, main participants in international events and unconditional winners.